We are a creative studio working with top artists and influencers to create amazing products and build direct to consumer brands.

"Designing a product is designing a relationship."

- Steve Rogers


Hi, I'm Tom!

I started my career in art/design as a freelance website designer.

Since then I have worked in Business Development for McGaw Graphics, as Director of Prints and Publishing for DeviantArt, I was the Co-Founder/Creative Director of Eyes On Walls, and I am now Co-Founder/Director of Lora Zombie Studio.

Working with Lora Zombie to establish and build her DTC e-commerce business, team, and creative design studio taught us a lot about how to combine business & art.

It also built us a lot of valuable experience, connections, and partnerships that we can use to help other artists establish and grow their own direct to consumer brands.

Feel free to reach out to me, I’m active on Instagram and Twitter, you can also use the contact form below to reach out to me directly.


Meet The Team

  • Tom Rowlandson

    Co-Founder / Director

  • Lora Zombie

    Co-Founder / Artist

  • Dasha Msoeva

    Creative Lead

"Curation is everything."

- Jimmy Iovine

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